“GO, MAKE DISCIPLES!” This is the mission given to the church by Jesus, but this is probably not where most of our time, energy and resources are spent. So has the mission changed over the past two thousand years? Do people know that their God-given identity and responsibility shift back to our clear purpose as the church: Discipleship and Disciple-making.

Jesus was looking for far more than regular attendees and devotees. He was looking for dedicated and disciplined disciples – men and women available and willing to be used by God to reproduce themselves and raise up more labourers for the harvest and disciple the next generation.

Jesus knows that such disciples are made not born and made it his mission to make disciples, and therefore multiplied the impact of his ministry among the nations. He invested heavily in the selected bands of followers until they were equipped to be used by God to advance His Kingdom, radically changing the culture and spiritually revolutionize the world.

LEADING THE DISCIPLESHIFT equips church leaders with the insights and tools needed to rally people around renewed purpose. Drawing from biblical principles and the experience of Real Life Ministries, the conference guides you and your team through philosophy and practical power of ministry alignment and personal influence for the sake of a unified mission.

About the Speakers

Brandon Guindonis the lead pastor of Real Life Ministries Texas, a new church plant in Tomball, Texas. Brandon has over 15 years experience leading churches to become disciple-making body of Christ. His experience as an executive team member at Real Life Ministries in Post Falls, ID and at The MET in Houston, TX have uniquely equipped him for his current role planting a strong, disciple making church.

Brandon holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Linfield College and a Master of Arts in Church Leadership and New Testament Theology from Hope International University. He was ordained at Real Life Ministries in Post Falls, ID. He is also a published author and a member of the Board of Directors for the Relational Discipleship Network.


Jon Malstrom is a Change Management and Organizational Effectiveness Consultant who has worked with large corporations in the US and worldwide. Jon has also played a key role as a consultant to several churches as they navigated large scale change initiatives. Jon and his wife, Lisa, are founding members of Real Life Ministries Texas, and Jon serves on the Leadership Team. Jon has invested in discipleship as a small group leader and has trained other churches in discipleship methods.


Lisa Malstrom is the Discipleship Coordinator at Real Life Ministries Texas and is responsible for curriculum development, small group leader training, coordination of national and international discipleship training efforts, assisting Pastor Brandon Guindon, and all the other assorted tasks that come with planting a new church. Lisa also works with the Relational Discipleship Network to develop introduction and training materials. Lisa served on staff at a large Baptist church in Houston, Texas, during their shift from a Sunday School model to a Relational Discipleship model and was instrumental in the successful transition of the church.

Jon and Lisa have been married for more than 26 years, and they have two college aged children, Mark and Leah.

About the Participants

23 – 25 February
Pastors & Pastoral Staff
Ministry Leaders & Mentoring Staff
Elders, Deacons & Board Members
25 February
Lay Ministers
Volunteer Leaders
Small Group Leaders